Manager of Credit Operations

The Role

We are looking for somebody to manage the Credit Team at Numida to ensure that we provide our customers with fast, professional, and exceptional service. The Manager of Credit Operations is ultimately responsible for the team that handles the underwriting of new loans, manages communication with existing borrowers, and collects on outstanding loans. We need a person who will drive continuous systems and process improvements that will translate into measurable gains to our operational efficiency and to the Numida customer experience as we grow. This person will also lead the charge on designing and implementing the operational changes required for Numida to integrate with partner Financial Institutions. The role is reserved for someone with 3+ year of experience in operations and with managing a team.     

Your ResponsibilitIes

Continuous Improvement of Credit Operations

  • Detailed documentation of all Credit procedures and workflows

  • Ensure optimal recording of operational data (ex. expenses and time spent by Credit Team on various tasks) to inform data-driven strategy and process improvements in Credit Operations

  • Identification of opportunities for streamlining processes and minimizing complexities to maximize staff productivity on Credit Team (minimize time spent per loan application)

  • Collaborate with Product Manager to assess the ROI of credit process improvements requiring Product Team resources (eg. automation of tasks) and to establish the priority level in the Product Roadmap

  • Develop Product Requirements Documents (PRD) to communicate specifications of desired improvements to Product Team and continue collaboration throughout the entire development cycle

  • Designing, implementing, and monitoring temporary process modifications for Credit experiments

  • Designing and implementing robust new systems and procedures to enable potential integrations with partner Financial Institutions

Loan Underwriting and Portfolio Management

  • Performing final loan appraisal and approval

  • Disbursing loans

  • Ensuring data integrity

  • Continuous monitoring, management, and reporting of portfolio performance

  • Managing Credit Team and optimizing resource allocation to achieve maximum repayment rates

  • Using data to drive continuous improvements in collections strategy

  • Managing last resort collections and legal proceedings

Credit Team Management

  • Defining and continuously refining of Credit Team roles and responsibilities

  • Recruiting and training of Credit Team staff (credit relationship officers, client onboarding specialist)

  • Collecting Credit Team feedback and managing the team’s buy-in when implementing new product and process changes

  • Ensuring Human Resource function for the Credit Team

Who You Are

  • A self-driven, results-oriented high achiever ready to take on a lot of responsibility and ownership to drive Numida’s growth

  • A perpetual efficiency seeker who constantly identifies new opportunities for improving processes and generates creative solutions

  • A highly disciplined multi-tasker with the ability to balance a consistent heavy workload while implementing process improvements

  • A highly organized but adaptable planner who excels at goal setting, devising and executing action plans, and performing ex-post evaluations of both processes and results

  • A curious, intelligent, analytical and structured problem solver who efficiently gathers information and assesses situations with a systemic view to identify the best course of action

  • A great communicator who speaks and writes in a clear, thorough and timely manner using effective communication tools and techniques

  • A team player who is not afraid to ask for help when needed and relies on feedback to rapidly iterate on your work

Skills & Qualifications

  • University degree in Business Management/Administration or a quantitative program like Mathematics/Statistics, Finance, or Engineering. MBA designation is an asset.

  • 3 to 5 years of experience with increasing responsibility, including at least 2 years of management experience

  • Experience in Credit is desired and experience with scalable alternative credit operations outside of traditional financial institutions is a strong asset

  • Professional experience with business process optimization with concrete examples of measurable improvements (automations, clever simplifications of processes, reduced task completion times, reduced costs)

  • Advanced Excel and/or Google Spreadsheets skills (proficiency using pivot tables, using features like filtering, conditional formatting, and data validation, as well as using intermediate formulas like vlookup, index-match, and query to solve real-world problems)

  • Experience with Core Banking Systems, Loan Management Systems, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an asset

How we'll reward you

This is a full-time, high-growth role in an early stage Ugandan technology start-up. We are a non-conventional Ugandan business and our workplace is inspiring with a lot of opportunity for personal growth and fun. You will receive a competitive Ugandan salary and benefits, and have the opportunity to work with a dynamic and diverse team based in Kampala, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto. Employee shares are also available for this position.


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