3 out of 4 MSMEs in Uganda identify access
to credit as their greatest growth constraint. 

The Economic BACKBONE

The estimated 450,000 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) generate 90% of private sector production and create 4 out 5 new jobs in Uganda. When these businesses thrive, the local economy flourishes and the standard of living improves. Without financing, however, their operations are severely limited.


Starting from a place of improved financial management, we help small businesses easily digitize their financial records. With these records and Numida's in-app coaching entrepreneurs are equipped to make better business decisions in order to maximize profit, reduce expenses, manage inventory and much more.


Numida's proprietary algorithm uses cash flow and financial management behavioral data gathered through our app to determine an entrepreneurs credit-worthiness and issue an unsecured loan. By focusing on improving financial literacy for small business owners we greatly increase their ability to manage that capital, reducing lending risks and maximizing growth.


We are starting in Uganda, but in total there are 22 million MSMEs across sub-Saharan Africa who need credit. This represents a $130 billion credit opportunity!




Meet Our Team

Currently based in Kampala, Uganda, our tight-knit team includes passionate people from the social enterprise, development economics and technology worlds. We are committed to building things together with people we love!

           Catherine Denis        Co-Founder, Co-CEO  

           Catherine Denis
       Co-Founder, Co-CEO


              Chris Stern          Product Manager  

              Chris Stern
         Product Manager


            Hillary Nabaasa   Credit Relationship Officer

            Hillary Nabaasa
  Credit Relationship Officer

               Mina Shahid         Co-Founder, Co-CEO  

               Mina Shahid
        Co-Founder, Co-CEO


          Benon Mugulusi   User Acquisition Manager  

          Benon Mugulusi
  User Acquisition Manager


          Ronnie Musobozi  Customer Service Specialist

          Ronnie Musobozi
 Customer Service Specialist

                 Ben Best            Co-Founder, CTO  

                 Ben Best
           Co-Founder, CTO


                Claudia Lo    Credit Operations Manager  

                Claudia Lo
   Credit Operations Manager


          Shiber Keingana       Numida Ambassador

          Shiber Keingana
      Numida Ambassador

                Carla Aziz                UX/UI Designer  

                Carla Aziz   
            UX/UI Designer


                 Dan Gayi    Credit Relationship Officer  

                 Dan Gayi
   Credit Relationship Officer


        Shamim Nambooze             Office Steward

        Shamim Nambooze
            Office Steward



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